INTRODUCTION: Professional Development (PD)


Before I begin with this post, let me admit that I am not the best presenter. A lot of the time I over plan (so passionate!) or forget key points (because I don't like note cards). As I finished our district's PD this week, along with attending CAMT last month, I am reminded of the SINS OF PRESENTATIONS.

  1. Smile (make us feel welcomed)
  2. Do not say "umm" (if you can avoid it.. if it is in every sentence, you don't know what you are talking about well enough to present on it).
  3. Power Points should not have a zillion words on it (font size 24 should be the smallest size)
  4. Do not use green backgrounds with red text, or similar disgusting combinations on power points.
  5. Do not talk like a robot (being too calm and mellow can make one fall asleep).
  6. Do not talk too fast or too loud (if you over emphasize EVERY other WORD it BECOMES annoying AND does NOT grab OUR attention AND devalues THE key POINTS). 
  7. Be passionate about what you are presenting (again, this does not mean loud).
  8. Vary activities, get us moving or have time for discussion.
  9. Do not make us walk around the room a bunch of times, once is enough.
  10. Do not force us to share thoughts every 5 minutes.
  11. Organize your handouts (if giving more than one, put them in order instead of making us grab one piece of paper from 5 stacks.. use a stapler).
  12. Repeat concepts (refer back to previous things you talked about, remind us the long analogy you gave at the beginning of the presentation and how it relates). 
  13. Create open ended questions (never ask a question that has one right answer, ask questions that can lead to good discussion).
  14. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE (if presenting on grading styles, know the district's grading policy that you are in). 

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